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Harmonized Color Palette Generator library for v2.x and v3.x.

Developed by: Rolf van Gelder / CAGE Web Design

ColorHarmony web page:

Current version: v1.0

With this library, you can generate so-called harmonized color palettes (also called color schemes), which means a set of colors that ‘look good together’. The generated palettes can be used, real-time, in Processing sketches.

There are four types of palettes available: monochromatic, analogous, complementary and triads.

Every palette is based on a base color. Starting from the base color, the other colors are generated, using color theory formulas.

In the library, there is also an option to use a random base color for generating the palettes.

Another option is to generate a fully random harmonized palette: the palette type and base color will be selected at random.

The library contains a set of color conversion methods, which you, of course, also can use without generating the palettes.

Check out the Javadocs for all the details and examples.


Download the library from:

You also can install the library using the Processing Contributed Libraries Manager.