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DeWitt Clinton - Mac OSX
Mary Gardiner - PythonPath
Elias Torres - FOAF OnlineAccounts
Jacques Distler - Template patches
Michael Koziarski - HTTP Auth fix
Brian Ewins - Win32 / Portalocker
Joe Gregorio - python versioning for filters, verbose tests, spider_threads
Harry Fuecks - Pipe characters in file names, filter bug
Eric van der Vlist - Filters to add language, category information
Chris Dolan - mkdir cache; default template_dirs; fix xsltproc
David Sifry - rss 2.0 xslt template based on
Morten Frederiksen - Support WordPress LinkManager OPML
Harry Fuecks - default item date to feed date
Antonio Cavedoni - Django templates
Morten Frederiksen - expungeCache
Lenny Domnitser - Coral CDN support for URLs with non-standard ports
Amit Chakradeo - Allow read-only files to be overwritten
Matt Brubeck - fix new_channel
Aristotle Pagaltzis - ensure byline_author filter doesn't drop foreign markup
This codebase represents a radical refactoring of Planet 2.0, which lists
the following contributors:
Patches and Bug Fixes
Chris Dolan - fixes, exclude filtering, duplicate culling
David Edmondson - filtering
Lucas Nussbaum - locale configuration
David Pashley - cache code profiling and recursion fixing
Gediminas Paulauskas - days per page
Spycyroll Maintainers
Vattekkat Satheesh Babu
Richard Jones
Garth Kidd
Eliot Landrum
Bryan Richard