Marks the lines overflowing lines according to the extension of FORTRAN source files.
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Marks the lines overflowing lines according to the extension of FORTRAN files.

Any characters occurring after this column are considered as error, and are marked so by highlighting.

Home page: page:



  • 2013-09-27
    • No change in functionality, just hosted the code on Github.
    • All the development will be on Github from now on.
    • will be updated if a major change happens.
    • The license has been changed from GPL to 2-clause FreeBSD.
  • 0.0.3, 2010-04-23
    • FIX: Loosing the match ID after removing the match in another buffer.
    • Priority can be customized.
    • Group name can be customized if necessary.
    • Script will not load itself if it has been loaded before.
    • Script is now respecting the script ID to avoid clashes with others.
  • 0.0.2, 2009-12-07
    • The display format for match is now read from the global variable g:FORTRANMatchDisplayFormat instead of hard coded settings. Now you can adapt it to your favorite colorscheme within VIMRC without modifiying the plugin itself.
    • The file is saved in UNIX file format instead of Windows.
  • 0.0.1, 2009-11-23
    • First version.


For Vundle users:

Bundle 'caglartoklu/fortran_line_length.vim'

For Pathogen users:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://

For all other users, simply drop the fortran_line_length.vim file to your plugin directory.

Supported Environments

  • Vim (no +Python required)


This plugin is run automatically. But, if you want to use any other valid size for some reason, the commands are available for all file types.

All commands defined by this plugin starts with FORTRAN. So, you can type :FORTRAN and press tab to see the available commands.

Let's take a look to the following code sample:

function ReadSettings()
    type(TAntSettings) :: ReadSettings
    type(TAntSettings) :: settings
    settings = ReadSettingsFromCsv()
    ReadSettings = settings
end function

subroutine PrintSettings(settings)
    type(TAntSettings) :: settings
    write (* , *) 'Digit Count Per Variable     : ' , settings%digitCountPerVariable
    write (* , *) 'Iteration Count              : ' , settings%iterationCount
    write (* , *) 'And Count Per Iteration      : ' , settings%andCountPerIteration
    write (* , *) 'Initial Pheromone Amount     : ' , settings%initialPheromoneAmount
    write (* , *) 'Evaporate Factor             : ' , settings%evaporateFactor
    write (* , *) 'Default Points For Worst Phi : ' , settings%defaultPointsForWorstPhi
    write (* , *) 'Default Points For Best Phi  : ' , settings%defaultPointsForBestPhi
    write (* , *) 'Ant System Usage             : ' , settings%antSystemUsage
end subroutine

When the plugin is activated, the code will be highlighted as below:



:FORTRANLengthAccordingToExtension Sets the valid line length according to the file extension. This command is applied by default.

:FORTRANStandardLength72 The columns occurring after the 72nd character are marked.

:FORTRANCardImageLength80 The columns occurring after the 80th character are marked.

:FORTRANExtendedLength132 The columns occurring after the 132nd character are marked.

:FORTRANRemoveMatching Removes the matching set by this plugin.


These are options that can be customized from your VIMRC:


The format/color of the matched characters. The default is:

let g:FORTRANMatchDisplayFormat = 'guifg=#FF0000'


The name of the match group. Changing this is generally unnecessary, do it if another plugin uses the same group name. The default is:

let g:FORTRANMatchGroup = 'FortranLineMatch'


The priority, Vim's default is 10. If some other highlighting group shadows this one, or this one is shadowing another one, you can change it. Higher number gives higher priority. The default is:

let g:FORTRANMatchPriority = 10


Licensed with 2-clause license ("Simplified BSD License" or "FreeBSD License"). See the LICENSE file.

Contact Info

You can find me on Google+

Feel free to send bug reports, or ask questions.