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Music Mashup - Your tasteful resource for music knowledge!

What's it all about?

Once upon a time, I built a site as part of a university project, to answer the question of: "Is it viable to create a personalised user web experience, with the use of data scraping and feeds?". The idea was to gather information from various data sources and mash them together to create a personalised web experience. Given my love for all things music, I thought it would be a good opportunity to create a music mashup (see what I did there?).

Over half a decade later though, the technology is outdated and various data sources/API's are no longer working/available. This is simply a side project to return it to its former glory, test out some new technology, learn a couple new things and gauge how I've improved as a Web Developer. Maybe even collaborate if anyone is interested in doing so.

Where can I find the original?

The original site can be found at: [] ( Don't expect too much from it though, as it no longer works...