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Tiny Lisp-like language implementation
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TMUL: tiny, made up lisp

This is the source code repository of tmul, a tiny implementation of a Lisp-like language. It contains the interpreter, the REPL, the standard library as well the documentation.

The original implementation has been made upon the guidance of the Build Your Own Lisp book.

Table of Contents

Significant improvements


Getting started

Build requirements

gcc and make are required to compile. Additionally, the editline headers are used by Tmul. In Debian-based systems, the following command should install all the necessary packages:

$ sudo apt-get install -y build-essential libedit-dev

Compiling from source

Just make. The binary will be available at the project's root directory.

Installing & Uninstalling

To install, just use:

sudo make install

To uninstall:

sudo make uninstall

Running in Docker

If you'd prefer to use Docker, you can build the image locally and run interactively.

$ docker build -t tmul .
$ docker run -it tmul



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