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Cyclone Roadmap

This document defines a high level roadmap of the Cyclone project. It should serve as a reference point for Cyclone users and contributors to understand where Cyclone is heading.


Third-party Storage

Make resource resolvers to support third-part storage, such as Amazon S3, Aliyun OSS to persistent resources, so that when running workflows, data can be pulled/pushed to these storage.

Multi-cluster Support

Run workflow in different clusters.

Multi-tenant Support

Support multi-tenancy.

User System

Build Cyclone's own user system with auth management and also support LDAP.

Cyclone CLI

Make a CLI tool to interact with Cyclone from command line.

AI Pipeline

Define curated stage templates for AI pipelines.


Enable auditing for Cyclone operations on top of the user system.

Release Planning

Dates in the following milestones should not be considered authoritative but rather indicative. Please refer to milestones for the most up-to-date and issue-by-issue plans.

v1.0.0 (2019/03)

Main features:

  • Support project management
  • Integration center to integrate external services
  • Build-in support for CI/CD pipelines by templates
  • User friendly web UI to operate
  • Webhook trigger
  • Multiple cluster support