Application releases based on helm
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About the project

Application packaging system based on helm Charts.


The project is still in alpha version.


Learn more about rudder on design doc

Getting Started


We ignored .git, bin, vendor with command:

$ tree -d -I 'vendor|bin|.git'
├── build
│   └── controller
├── cmd
│   └── controller
│       └── app
├── docs
└── pkg
    ├── controller
    │   ├── gc
    │   ├── release
    │   └── status
    ├── kube
    ├── release
    ├── render
    ├── status
    │   └── assistants
    ├── storage
    └── store

Explanation for main pkgs:

  • build contains a docker file for rudder controller.
  • cmd contains main packages, each subdirecoty of cmd is a main package.
  • docs for project documentations.
  • pkg
    • controller contains gc/release/status controllerso
    • kube contains tools to communicate with kubernetes cluster. You can find:
      • A rest client pool.
      • A codec for converting between resource and object.
      • A resource client.
    • release has a manager to manages all release coroutines.
    • render can render a template with config.
    • status has many assistants to judge the status for specific resources.
    • storage contains a tool to manipulate release.
    • store contains a integration informer factory.