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BGPStream is an open-source software framework for the analysis of both historical and real-time Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) measurement data.

For a detailed description of BGPStream as well as documentation and tutorials, please visit

Quick Start

To get started using BGPStream, either download the latest release tarball, or clone the GitHub repository.

You will also need the libcurl and wandio libraries installed before building BGPStream (libcurl must be installed prior to building wandio).

In most cases, the following will be enough to build and install BGPStream:

$ ./configure
$ make
# make install

If you cloned BGPStream from GitHub, you will need to run ./ before ./configure. Depending on your operating system, the ./ execution may require a few extra packages to run. On Ubuntu, for example, you need autogen, autoconf, and libtool installed on the system before running the command.

For further information or support, please visit the BGPStream website, or contact

Copyright and Open Source Software

Unless otherwise specified (below or in file headers) BGPStream is Copyright The Regents of the University of California and released under a BSD license. See the LICENSE file for details.

Embedded Code

Below is a list of third-party code distributed as part of the libBGPStream package. While we make every effort to keep this list current, license information in file headers should be considered authoritative.

  • common/ - the common submodule contains code released under multiple licenses (BSD, MIT, LGPL). See for more details. Note that while BGPStream currently links against all of the sub-libraries in this module, it does not require many of them for normal operation. At some point we plan to modify the BGPStream build process to only link against required libraries.

  • lib/formats/libparsebgp - the libparsebgp submodule is released under a BSD license. See the associated LICENSE file for more information.

  • utils/bgpstream_utils_patricia.c is released under an MIT license. See the header of the file for more details.

External Dependencies


  • libwandio is released under an LGPL v3 license.



Client-side C library and CLI tool of the BGPStream project







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