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Python bindings for BGPStream
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PyBGPStream is a Python library that provides a high-level interface for live and historical BGP data analysis. See for more information about BGPStream.

PyBGPStream provides two Python modules, _pybgpstream, a low-level (almost) direct interface to the libBGPStream C API, and pybgpstream, a high-level 'Pythonic' interface to the functionality provided by _pybgpstream.

Quick Start

To get started using PyBGPStream, first install libBGPStream.

Then, you should be able to install PyBGPStream using pip:

$ pip install pybgpstream

Alternatively, to install PyBGPStream from source either clone the GitHub repository (PyBGPStream is located in the pybgpstream subdirectory), or download a source tarball and then run:

$ python build
# python install

For more information about installing PyBGPStream, please see the detailed installation instructions on the BGPStream website.

Please see the PyBGPStream API documentation and PyBGPStream tutorial for more information about using PyBGPStream.

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