Implementation of the RC4 algorithm.
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RC4 is a pure Ruby implementation of the RC4 algorithm.


Just install the gem:

gem install ruby-rc4

Or add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'ruby-rc4'


First require the gem:

require 'rc4'

To encrypt:

key = "nuff rspec"
enc =
encrypted = enc.encrypt("super-cool-test")

To decrypt:

dec =
decrypted = dec.decrypt(encrypted)

Since encrypt method is used for encryption and decryption, decrypt is just an alias to encrypt in order to make the usage more intuitive.


The original algorithm implementation in Ruby by Max Prokopiev.

Aleksandar Simic then modified it to include a test suite and gem packaged it using gem-this.

I switched the project to use rspec2 and I am now the project's primary maintainer.

Caige Nichols


Ruby-RC4 is released under the MIT license.


(Please let me know if I missed anyone)