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Course Project for a HKUST Software Engineering Course (COMP3111/H) in Fall 2016/17.
JavaScript CSS HTML
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The course project for COMP3111H Honors Software Engineering.


Install git:

Install node.js and npm: Commands to test the installation:

git --version
node -v
npm -v

Clone the project

Please clone the repository at GitHub using git clone command:

git clone
cd teamform-seed

Install Dependencies

In this course project, fixed version of key libraries (e.g. AngularJS 1.5.7) are included in app/lib folder to avoid discreprency. Other development dependencies (e.g. karma toolkit, http-server...) will be installed separately via:

npm install

After running this command, a new folder will be created:

  • node_modules - It contains the npm packages for the necessary tools we need to build and test our web application

Run the Application

We have preconfigured the project via a configuration file package.json. The simplest way to start this web application is:

npm start

After that, open a web browser (Google chrome desktop/mobile web browser is recommended) with the following URL: http://localhost:8080/index.html.

Directory Layout

LICENSE                 --> The software LICENSE of this open source project. Generated by Github               --> This README file (default README file for Github)
.gitignore              --> Git configuration file. It can be used to ignore files/directories from Git 
karma.conf.js           --> Configuration file for the Jasmine/Karma unit test framework. 
package.json            --> Configuration file for node.js and npm (Node Package Manager)
app/                    --> all of the source files for the application
  index.html            --> The front-end of the team form web application
  admin.html            --> The admin HTML page
  team.html             --> The team HTML page
  member.html           --> The member HTML page
  lib/                  --> Key libraries with fixed version (e.g. Angular JS 1.5.7) 
  js/                   --> User-defined JavaScript files
     admin.js           --> The JS file for the admin page
     index.js           --> The JS file for the front-end page
     team.js            --> The JS file for the team page
     member.js          --> The JS file for the member page
     site.js            --> The JS file containing functions shared by multiple pages
  unit_tests            --> The folder containing the unit test cases (Syntax: Jasmine/Karma)
     test_site.js       --> A sample test case


Running Unit Tests

We provide a Karma configuration file to run them.

  • the configuration is found at karma.conf.js
  • all unit test cases should be written inside the folder app/unit_tests

The easiest way to run the unit tests is to use the supplied npm script:

npm test

This script will start the Karma test runner to execute the unit tests. In this course, we will mainly focus on the branch and statement coverage. The output files will be stored inside the app/coverage folder.

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