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canvas-perfomance Fix perfomacne test
ttd-patch/src Login support
.gitignore Improve gitignore Update Add ogg resource

Transport Tycoon Deluxe online game

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Changes for 1.2.3.p5

  • Fix issues with saving games
  • Implement logout

Changes for 1.2.3.p4

  • Better web site
  • Multiple saves for single player
  • Page for downloading save games

Changes for 1.2.3.p3

  • Replace putImageData with webgl. Significant perfomance increase (issue#10)

Changes for 1.2.3.p2

  • Multiplayer mode

Changes for 1.2.3.p1

  • OpenTTD 1.2.3 sources
  • Using clang link time optimizations (issue#10)
  • Add _num_dirty_pixels for perfomance reasons (issue#10)
  • Add AIs: AdmiralAI, AIAI, NoCAB, SimpleAI, Trans AI (issue#15)
  • Prevent browser defaults (issue#11)
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