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HAML i18n plugin

This monkeypatch for HAML provides automatic localization of raw text resources within HAML templates.

Only resources available for translation are dynamically compiled. In case raw text has no translation (in any of available locales), it is kept as raw.


Install as a plugin, make sure you have i18n environment setup and running, in particular 'translate' helper should be available.

Then, any HAML code, like

  Person Name
  = person.name

will be rendered with

translate("Person Name")

Optimal template rendering

haml_i18n will not translate all raw text within the template. It'll try to findout if the translation is available. If not, to original text will be pushed statically.

'have_translation' method takes care of this. It tries to mimic actionpack logic with scoping. Scopes will be applied in the next order:

  • viewfolder.templatename.key

  • viewfolder.key

  • .key

This optimization allows to combine it with more traditional way, where multiple templates per each locale are created with no performance degradation:


Notice: In the development environment haml_i18n will always try to translate, no matter if it can find translation or not.

Translation search scoping

When actually translating, i18n/actionpack will take care of applying scopes within the 'translate' method! The scoping rules there could be abit different from what 'have_translation' does.