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* Dump heavy lifting off to rack-openid gem. OpenIdAuthentication is just a simple controller concern.
* Fake HTTP method from OpenID server since they only support a GET. Eliminates the need to set an extra route to match the server's reply. [Josh Peek]
* OpenID 2.0 recommends that forms should use the field name "openid_identifier" rather than "openid_url" [Josh Peek]
* Return open_id_response.display_identifier to the application instead of .endpoints.claimed_id. [nbibler]
* Add Timeout protection [Rick]
* An invalid identity url passed through authenticate_with_open_id will no longer raise an InvalidOpenId exception. Instead it will return Result[:missing] to the completion block.
* Allow a return_to option to be used instead of the requested url [Josh Peek]
* Updated plugin to use Ruby OpenID 2.x.x [Josh Peek]
* Tied plugin to ruby-openid 1.1.4 gem until we can make it compatible with 2.x [DHH]
* Use URI instead of regexps to normalize the URL and gain free, better matching #8136 [dkubb]
* Allow -'s in #normalize_url [Rick]
* remove instance of mattr_accessor, it was breaking tests since they don't load ActiveSupport. Fix Timeout test [Rick]
* Throw a InvalidOpenId exception instead of just a RuntimeError when the URL can't be normalized [DHH]
* Just use the path for the return URL, so extra query parameters don't interfere [DHH]
* Added a new default database-backed store after experiencing trouble with the filestore on NFS. The file store is still available as an option [DHH]
* Added normalize_url and applied it to all operations going through the plugin [DHH]
* Removed open_id? as the idea of using the same input box for both OpenID and username has died -- use using_open_id? instead (which checks for the presence of params[:openid_url] by default) [DHH]
* Added OpenIdAuthentication::Result to make it easier to deal with default situations where you don't care to do something particular for each error state [DHH]
* Stop relying on root_url being defined, we can just grab the current url instead [DHH]
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