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.bashrc, .vimrc, .tmux.conf, .gitconfig, etc. and to set it all up automatically!

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dotfiles: An intro

Configuration files for text editing (vim), navigating a unix machine/server (bash), window/pane management (tmux), and version control (git), and setting it all up in an automated way (


Starting from scratch on a new machine/server just follow these instructions:

  1. If on OSX, make your default terminal solarized or grab iterm2 and solarize that guy, such that when you set up vim-solarized your colors are consistent. Alternatively, for both OSX and Unix to solarized I've created a custom color scheme that I used while working at the NY Fed (see

  2. If necessary, generate an SSH key (ssh-keygen) and add the public key (by default the content of the file named to Github.

  3. Clone this repo using the SSH protocol (i.e. git clone as opposed to git clone, otherwise you'll have to type in your password to push later.

  4. Run bash <the/path/to/your/dotfiles/repo>. (If necessary, chmod u+x first to give yourself executable permissions).


Thanks to Pearl Li, a friend and former colleague at the Fed for advising me to set up a more organized dotfiles repo (much of which is borrowed or taken straight from her). You're the best1! Also thanks to Micah Smith and Jason Liu for help early on in the setup of my dotfiles.

1Even though you use emacs.


.bashrc, .vimrc, .tmux.conf, .gitconfig, etc. and to set it all up automatically!






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