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"\eOd": backward-word
"\eOc": forward-word
"\e[A": history-search-backward
"\e[B": history-search-forward
Control-l: clear-screen
Control-j: menu-complete
Control-k: menu-complete-backward
set editing-mode vi
set keymap vi-insert
set bell-style visible
set bind-tty-special-chars on
set blink-matching-paren on
set byte-oriented off
set comment-begin #
set completion-ignore-case off
# set completion-ignore-case on
set completion-map-case on
set completion-prefix-display-length 2
set completion-query-items 100
set convert-meta off
set disable-completion off
set echo-control-characters on
set enable-keypad off
set enable-meta-key on
set expand-tilde off
set history-preserve-point off
set history-size 40000
set horizontal-scroll-mode off
set input-meta on
set mark-directories on
set mark-modified-lines off
set mark-symlinked-directories on
set match-hidden-files on
set meta-flag on
set output-meta on
set page-completions on
set prefer-visible-bell on
set print-completions-horizontally off
set revert-all-at-newline off
set show-all-if-ambiguous on
set show-all-if-unmodified on
set skip-completed-text on
set visible-stats off
$if Bash
Control-l: "\e\C-la"
Control-g: " |grep --color=auto -i "
Control-e: "\eA"
Control-a: "\eI"
Control-w: unix-filename-rubout
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