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# user, host, full path, and time/date
# on two lines for easier vgrepping
# entry in a nice long thread on the Arch Linux forums:
PROMPT=$'%{\e[0;34m%}%B┌─[%b%{\e[0m%}%{\e[1;32m%}%n%{\e[1;30m%}@%{\e[0m%}%{\e[0;36m%}%m%{\e[0;34m%}%B]%b%{\e[0m%} - %b%{\e[0;34m%}%B[%b%{\e[1;37m%}%~%{\e[0;34m%}%B]%b%{\e[0m%} - %{\e[0;34m%}%B[%b%{\e[0;33m%}'%D{"%Y-%m-%d %I:%M:%S"}%b$'%{\e[0;34m%}%B]%b%{\e[0m%}
%{\e[0;34m%}%B└─%B[%{\e[1;35m%}$%{\e[0;34m%}%B]%{\e[0m%}%b '
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