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base fork: caio/oh-my-zsh
base: c6aafaca43
head fork: caio/oh-my-zsh
compare: 048404ea4e
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  • 3 commits
  • 2 files changed
  • 0 commit comments
  • 1 contributor
Showing with 31 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +1 −9 themes/errado.zsh-theme
  2. +30 −1 zshrc
10 themes/errado.zsh-theme
@@ -2,15 +2,7 @@
-git_branch_color() {
- if test -n "$(git status -s --ignore-submodules=dirty 2>/dev/null)"; then
- echo -n "%{$fg[red]%}"
- else
- echo -n "%{$fg[green]%}"
- fi
31 zshrc
@@ -7,9 +7,38 @@ DISABLE_AUTO_UPDATE="true"
-plugins=(git vi-mode make-dir-complete)
+plugins=(vi-mode make-dir-complete)
source $ZSH/
make_dir_complete jk ~/src
make_dir_complete h ~/etc
+bindkey '\ew' kill-region
+bindkey -s '\el' "ls\n"
+bindkey '^r' history-incremental-search-backward
+bindkey "^[[5~" up-line-or-history
+bindkey "^[[6~" down-line-or-history
+# make search up and down work, so partially type and hit up/down to find relevant stuff
+bindkey '^[[A' up-line-or-search
+bindkey '^[[B' down-line-or-search
+bindkey "^[[H" beginning-of-line
+bindkey "^[[1~" beginning-of-line
+bindkey "^[OH" beginning-of-line
+bindkey "^[[F" end-of-line
+bindkey "^[[4~" end-of-line
+bindkey "^[OF" end-of-line
+bindkey ' ' magic-space # also do history expansion on space
+bindkey "^[[1;5C" forward-word
+bindkey "^[[1;5D" backward-word
+bindkey '^[[Z' reverse-menu-complete
+# Make the delete key (or Fn + Delete on the Mac) work instead of outputting a ~
+bindkey '^?' backward-delete-char
+bindkey "^[[3~" delete-char
+bindkey "^[3;5~" delete-char
+bindkey "\e[3~" delete-char

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