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Query Command Complete
Vim plugin to suggest completions with the results or an external
query command.
The original intention is to use it as a mutt query_command wrapper
to complete addresses in the mail headers, but it can be adapted
to any other kind of functionality by modifying the exposed setting
Last Change: 2012 Jul 15
Maintainer: Caio Romão <>
License: This file is placed in the public domain
This plugin exports the completion function QueryCommandComplete,
which needs to be set as the complete function (or omni function)
in order to work.
let g:gcc_query_command='abook'
au BufRead /tmp/mutt* setlocal omnifunc=QueryCommandComplete
External command that queries for contacts
Separator for each entry in the result from the query
default: '\n'
Separator for the fields of an entry from the result
default: '\t'
Pattern used to match against the current line to decide
whether to call the query command
default: '^\(To\|Cc\|Bcc\|From\|Reply-To\):'
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