Gedit Plugins, Colorschemes and GtkSourceview Improvements to Gedit
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This package contains some Gedit improvements to make it more similar to TextMate. The package contain code snippets, plugins, and an automatic registration of rails-related files.

Now Todo-List plugin is a part of GMATE and does not depend of mozilla / gtkmozembed todo plugin now depends of python-webkitgtk package, this package was introduced on Ubuntu 8.10, and may or not disponible in other distros, if not you will need to downlolad and install manually. The Python Webkit Home is located on

To install on a debian/ubuntu based distro just run in a terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install python-webkitgtk

I have changed the SnapOpen plugin by a new one called Gedit Open Files, it do the same work with the same shortcut, but have more options. this plugin requires pyinotify.

To install on a debian/ubuntu based distro run in a terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install python-pyinotify

To install gmate package run:

$ sh

NOTE: Some commands will expect you enter your sudo password

Gmate package include:


  • Advanced Bookmarks - Highlight, remenber and toggle bookmarks in your files

  • Classbrowser - A Classbrowser (depends of ctags, I use exuberant-ctags)

  • Find in Files - Find a string in files (integrated with filebrowser)

  • Gedit Open File - Regex based file open (like textmate Go to file…)

  • Gedit Todo - Find Todo Marks in source files (integrated with filebrowser)

  • Gemini - Pair complete for quotes and braces

  • Quickhighligthmode - Fast change current highlight mode

  • Rails Extract Partial - Extract selected region of rhtml as a partial

  • Rails Hotcommands - Execute Rails Commands (such rake tasks)

  • Rails Hotkeys - Navigation in Rails Project Files

  • Regex Search Replace - Search and replace with regular expressions

  • Smart Indent - Smart Indentation regex based

  • Tabulation - Auto set tabs and spaces based on file type

  • Text Tools - Some text manipulation improvements (adapted from line tools)

  • Trailsave - Remove trailing spaces before save a document

  • Word Completion - Word completion plugin

  • Gedit Go To File - Yet Another Go to File plugin Just Like SnapOpen and GeditOpenFiles also based in Textmate Go to file.

NOTE: In order to use Go to File feature you need to choose just one of: GeditGoToFile, SnapOpen or GeditOpenFiles


  • Autumn

  • Blue Dream

  • Chela Light

  • Cobalt

  • Darkmacs

  • Darkmate

  • Desert

  • Dreamweaver

  • Dusk

  • Emacs Dark

  • Emacs

  • Fluffy

  • Fruity

  • IDLE

  • Ironman

  • Kate

  • Native

  • Neon

  • Railscasts (Changed by me to complete integration with my modifications of gtksourceview2 ruby.lang)

  • Rubycius

  • Slush and Poppies

  • Tango

  • Textmate (mac classic)

  • Tinge

  • Twilight

  • Vibrant Fun

  • Vibrant Ink

  • Vibrant Nerd

  • Warm Grey

  • Wombat

  • Zenburn

Language Improvements

  • ruby.lang gtksourceview2 language improvements

  • rhtml language registration

  • basic yml languate recognition

Code snippets

I need help to create a good snippet base, for now current snippets I got from some place, and most are outdated.

in addition you can edit your /etc/mime.types file and add following lines next to other “text/x-????” entries:

text/x-ruby-source                              rhtml html.erb erb
text/x-eruby                                    rjs
text/x-yaml                                     yml

More info :

NOTE: refer to each plugin source code and readme file to get information about specific plugin licencing and copyright