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@netponto @Excel-DNA @nephilacapital @msmvppt @VelocityRisk @toastmasters @catmodeling @netoffice @aspinsiders
Sérgio Agostinho sergiofagostinho

Invisible Objects Lisbon, Portugal

Michael Crump mbcrump

Michael Crump works at Microsoft & is a coder, blogger and speaker of various software development topics. He is on Twitter @

Microsoft Washington

Jb Evain jbevain

Running the Visual Studio Tools for Unity experience at Microsoft. Author of Mono.Cecil & other niceties. “Obviously French” alien.

Microsoft Seattle, WA

Bruno Pires piresbruno

BlasterSystems Portugal

Kevin Pilch Pilchie

Engineering manager for .NET DevEx IDE (C#/VB/F#)

@Microsoft Seattle, WA, USA

Jakub Jedryszek jj09

Microsoft Redmond, WA

Oliver Baltzer obaltzer

Risk Engineering, High-Performance Computing, #FinTech, #InsurTech CTO at @analyzere

Analyze Re Inc. Halifax, NS

Richard McElreath rmcelreath

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig, Germany

Jennifer (Jenny) Bryan jennybc

@rstudio, humane #rstats, statistics, @ropensci, teach @STAT545-UBC & @UBC-MDS (on leave)

@rstudio, University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC, Canada

Carin Meier gigasquid

Pursuing snarks and forks with hope

Cincinnati, OH

Eric Ehlers eehlers

Reposit Consulting Belgium

Luigi Ballabio lballabio

One of the administrators and lead developers of the Quantlib project ( Also husband, father of four, ex-physicist, and amateur musician.

Milan, Italy

David Jacquel djacquel

Freelance Metz, France

Laurent Goderre LaurentGoderre

Statistics Canada Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Wes McKinney wesm

Maker of tools and supporting libraries to make data analysis faster and easier

Two Sigma New York, NY

Jeff Cyr JeffCyr

Montreal, QC, Canada

Vasista B baderdinni


Shashank Kapadia kapadias

Northeastern University Boston, MA

Cameron MacFarland distantcam

Particular Software Perth, Australia

Nicholas Horton nicholasjhorton

Biostatistician, juggler, and advocate for improved statistical computing in statistics and data science education

Amherst College Department of Mathematics and Statistics Amherst, MA

Colin Rundel rundel

Duke University Durham, NC

Ciera Martinez iamciera

Post Doc at UC Berkeley. Maker and Breaker. Biologist.