Sublime Text 2 Package for Java Velocity Syntax
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How to install from GitHub

  1. Click the "Download Source" button.
  2. Unzip the download
  3. Rename the folder to Java Velocity
  4. Open Sublime Text 2
  5. Sublime Text 2 > Preferences > Browse Packages...
  6. Drag the renamed folder and drop into Packages folder
  7. Marvel at the sublime goodness

Sublime Text 2 Package for Java Velocity Syntax

This is tweaked version of subtleGradient's excellent TextMate bundle Primarily to add support for single-line comments

It's not an exhaustive implementation, but it's at least good enough to bother using ;)

If you notice any issues please be sure to report them!

If you're interested in taking over maintainance, do let me know.