Functional Programming concepts, examples and patterns illustrated in Haskell, Ocaml and Python
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Functional Programming by Example


The purpose of this tutorial is to illustrate functional programming concepts in many languages by providing reusable and useful snippets of code, examples, case studies and applications.

Author: Caio Rodrigues / <caiorss DOT rodrigue AT gmail DOT com>


  • This is a endless work in progress.
  • This repository is dedicated to public domain.

This repository can be accessed from the following URLs:

The website of this repository is:

    • The project’s web site was updated and improved with a table of contents on side-bar. In addition, the new layout makes reading easier to read and browse the content.
    • Those pages in the theme are in the gh-pages branch which can easy be downloaded for offline usage.


Statically Typed Programming Languages with Type Inference

Dynamically Typed Programming Languages