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Inkscape extension to create charts. For the time being, it's possible to create just pie charts. This extension is written in Python. You'll need a Python interpreter in order to use it. This code was written 4 years ago and I was a young developer on that time, so, sorry for ugly code or bugs.


Copy files chartscape.inx and to your Inkscape extensions directory.


Open Inkscape (reopen it if it was already opened before installing the extension) and click on Extensions > Render > Chartscape.

Choose a title, the values for the pie chart (separated by commas), and the diameter. Click 'OK'.

A whole chart will be rendered, grouped. You can ungroup and edit each part of the chart separately.

To Do

  • Ideally, a refactoring, even to make the code more beautiful
  • Simplify setAttribute calls
  • Modularization
  • Add new charts (line, bars, etc.)
  • Add more options (chart type, show legend, etc.)
  • Review code comments
  • Improve percentages positions (bug in case of a graph that begin with a option more than 50%)
  • Fix bug in calculation of rvector then module is zero (Eg: 40 15 25)
  • Fix bug: legend label is overwrite when has equal values (Eg: 35 10 10 20, legend label of second '10' is overwritten by first)


Thanks to my friends:

  • Leandro Andrade, for correcting the percentages positions and add support to UTF-8
  • Melissa Wen, for general improvements
  • Aurélio Heckert, which presented to me the awesome world of Inkscape extensions development