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Italy METEO-HYDRO ALERT (Protezione Civile)
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breaking change (2/10/2019)

ISTAT number is now required. Rename codice to level in attributes.


Italy METEO-HYDRO ALERT To get more detailed information about parameters of warnings visit Civil Protection Department.

This component will set up the following platforms.

Platform Description
binary_sensor Show METEO-HYDRO ALERT True or False.

Configuration options

Key Type Required Default Description
name string False dpc Name of sensor
latitude float False Latitude of home Latitude of monitored point
longitude float False Longitude of home Longitude of monitored point
istat string True None Number data warehouse I.Stat
alert string False GIALLA (Verde,Gialla,Arancione,Rossa)
warnings list False - List of monitored warnings

Possible monitored warnings

Key Description
temporali_oggi Enables thunderstorms risk monitoring today
idraulico_oggi Enables Hydraulic risk monitoring today
idrogeologico_oggi Enables Hydrogeological risk monitoring today
temporali_domani Enables thunderstorms risk monitoring tomorrow
idraulico_domani Enables Hydraulic risk monitoring tomorrow
idrogeologico_domani Enables Hydrogeological risk monitoring tomorrow

Example usage (minimal)

  - platform: dpc
    istat: 58091
      - temporali_oggi

Example usage (complete)

  - platform: dpc
    latitude: 41.9109
    longitude: 12.4818
    name: DPC Roma
    istat: '058091'
    alert: 'gialla'
      - temporali_oggi
      - idraulico_oggi
      - idrogeologico_oggi
      - temporali_domani
      - idraulico_domani
      - idrogeologico_domani


The istat number is required, you can easily find it here or you can download the complete list here If the Istat number starts with zero, it must be entered between the quotes.


Information provided by Giovanni Pirrotta's Creative Commons Licenses CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Dati forniti dal servizio di Giovanni Pirrotta - Licenza Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Contributions are welcome!

Thanks to PiotrMachowski for inspiration.

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