C++ and OpenGL graphics library to make easy draw simple objects like spheres, cubes, and complex objects like 3D models.
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Open source graphics engine, for everyone!!!

Like an engine is an open source graphics engine with gpl licence, written in c++ and opengl (with glut), that encapsulates opengl for the user.

The project was developed using CodeBlocks C++ IDE and GLUT libraries.


+demos Source of some projects that use the library

+src Source of the library

+lib Compiled version of library


I want a cube, in x,y position with this color… cube move in this direction… Load this .3ds model with this propertys… Draw a sphere in this position… with this texture…

BANG! you've got it in a simple way!


Daniel Gòmez Rico, danielgomezrico@gmail.com 12/02/2010

The thing now is imagination, only imagination


You must create:

  1. WorldConf folder: it must have 3 things ALWAYS

    1. world.txt: file is described down...
    2. Textures folder: folder that contains the images of the textures
    3. Models folder: folder that contains the .3ds models

    Each one of this must exist always

  2. Include the LikeAnEngine.h header in the files that will use the engine.

  3. There are 3 principal functions to run the engine in this order:

    1. initEngine
    2. setKeyboardManager -> only if you want to manage the keys press or unpress of the keyboard.
    3. startEngineLoop
  • To compile, says to the compiler to use the libLikeAnEngine and the includes, then : Enjoy!!!.

Compile With Code::Blocks IDE

Right click over the project, build options:

  • Linker Settings: clic in add, and select the LibLikeAnEngine.so
  • Search Directories: select add (in compiler) and select the includes directories.

then... RUN!!!


Glut - http://www.opengl.org/resources/libraries/glut/glut_downloads.php (in linux: $aptitude install freeglut3-dev)


In the WorldConf folder you can find the file "world.txt", that contents all the configurations for the scene

NOTE: you must define the limits and the textures BEFORE ALL always WARNING: the file must not contain errors, loader dont check sintax errors, EVERYTHING MUST BE COMPLETE.

How to define it:

-limits Number-of-spheres Number-of-planes Number-of-cubes Number-of-lights Number-of-textures Number-of-models

-textures Name-of-texture-01 Name-of-texture-02 Name-of-texture-03 . . .

-camera x y z deltaM upX upY upZ theta beta deltaT deltaB

-plane v1-x v1-y v1-z v2-x v2-y v2-z v3-x v3-y v3-z v4-x v4-y v4-z x y z r g b alpha -> colosr textureNumber
tc0X tc0Y tc1X tc1Y ->Text coords tc2X tc2Y tc3X tc3Y

-model name-of-model.3ds or .3DS x y z dx dy dz r g b val -> Ambiental-material r g b val -> Diffuse-material r g b val -> Specular-material

-sphere x y z radius r g b alpha -> Color r g b val -> Ambiental-material r g b val -> Diffuse-material r g b val -> Specular-material textureNumber

-cube x y z side r g b alpha -> Color r g b val -> Ambiental-material r g b val -> Diffuse-material r g b val -> Specular-material textureNumber

-light x y z -> Position
r g b val -> Ambiental-light r g b val -> Diffuse-light r g b val -> Specular-light
c l q -> Attenuation Constant Lineal Quadratic

In this version

  • Reads Models in format 3ds using l3ds.cpp file , but with some bugs, NO READS TEXTURE