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Collaborative AI and Robotics Lab @ CU Boulder

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  1. cairo_simulator cairo_simulator Public

    PyBullet-based Robot Simulation and Motion Planning maintained by CAIRO Lab.

    Python 9 3

  2. cairo-lfd cairo-lfd Public

    Learnning from demonstration (lfd) packages supporting robotic kinesthetic learning from demonstration.

    Python 6 1

  3. ar-for-lfd ar-for-lfd Public

    Augmented Reality Interface for Constraint-Aware Learning from Demonstration

    C# 2

  4. collision_ik_ros collision_ik_ros Public

    CAIRO Lab's port of UW Graphics / Daniel Rakita's CollisionIK ROS wrapper.

    Python 2

  5. Behaviortree-rca Behaviortree-rca Public

    This repository contains a motion planning library built using Moveit! for manipulators and provides ready made plugins for behavior trees

    C++ 2

  6. cairo-web cairo-web Public

    Web interface for connecting to the LFD project via rosbridge-suite.

    JavaScript 1


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