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Mocha is a mocking and stubbing library for Ruby

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Mocha is a library for mocking and stubbing using a syntax like that of JMock.

It can be used with many testing frameworks e.g. Test::Unit, RSpec, test/spec, expectations, Dust, MiniTest and even JtestR.

Mocha provides a unified, simple and readable syntax for both traditional mocking and partial mocking.

Mocha was harvested from projects at Reevoo by me (James) and my (then) colleagues Ben, Chris and Paul.

Build Status

Download and Installation

Install the gem with the following command…

$ gem install mocha

Or install the Rails plugin…

$ script/plugin install git://

Note that versions 0.9.6 & 0.9.7 of the Rails plugin were broken. As of version 0.9.8, you need to explicitly load Mocha after the test framework e.g. by adding “require 'mocha'” at the bottom of test/test_helper.rb.

Or download Mocha…



Copyright Revieworld Ltd. 2006

You may use, copy and redistribute this library under the same terms as Ruby itself or under the MIT license.

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