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This folder contains 32bit and 64bit windows cairo libraries and the required dependecies. The libraries are copied from MSYS2 and can be used with DMD, MSVC and MinGW compilers.

Folder layout:

  • 32 - contains 32 bit DLLs for all compilers
    • mars - contains import library for DMD -m32
    • msvc_mingw - contains import library for DMD -m32mscoff and all other compilers
  • 64 contains 64 bit DLLs and import library for all compilers

To use these libraries in a dub based project, copy all libraries to a lib folder and add this to dub.json:

    "libs-windows-x86-dmd": ["lib/32/mars/cairo"],
    "libs-windows-x86-gdc": ["lib/32/msvc_mingw/cairo"],
    "libs-windows-x86-ldc": ["lib/32/msvc_mingw/cairo"],
    "libs-windows-x86_64": ["lib/64/cairo"],
    "copyFiles-windows-x86": ["lib/32/*.dll"],
    "copyFiles-windows-x86_64": ["lib/64/*.dll"]

The script used to generate this cairo library package can be found here.

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