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RSpec Mate is a plugin to show results of specs like Textmate in Gedit
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RSpec Mate

RSpec Mate is a plugin for Gedit. This provide a window with results of spec like textmate. You can see screenshots in Cairo'sBlog.

RSpec Mate depends of python-webkit package, if you don't use debian/ubuntu based distro, you will need install from source. The Python Webkit Home is located on

To install on a debian/ubuntu based distro just run in a terminal:

$ git clone git://
$ cd rspec_mate
$ ./

You can install the gem syntax to see the codes more sexy ;)

$ sudo gem install syntax


Press Super + S to run current spec. (You can press Super + S in your model, controller, helper or view to run respective spec)

Press Super + R to run all specs in your project.


  • save current spec before run (like CTRL + S) or run after save (using CTRL + S)


Cairo Noleto

Working at Jus Navigandi

Blog: Cairo'sBlog

Twitter: @caironoleto

Cleiton Francisco

Working at Jus Navigandi


Twitter: @cleitonfco

Gabriel Sobrinho

Development Director of Hite


Twitter: @sobrinho

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