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Starter packs/defaults

A list of people with nice emacs config files

NameconfigKey BindingsLiteratePackageEmacs versionClonableHighlights
Aaron Culich.emacs.dclassicuse-package25+OSX, latex, scala
Alain M. Lafon.emacs.dclassic, evipackage24+mu4e
Alex Kostemacs-confignon-standardquelpamultiple systems
Bailey Lingdotemacsevil, classicpackageKISS
Chen Binemacs.devilpackage24.3.1+robust, windows
Chris Barrett.emacs.dclassicuse-packagegit subtrees instead of Emacs package manager
Christopher Wellons.emacs.dclassicuse-package24.4+feed, youtube, jekyll
Chunyang Xuemacs.dclassicuse-package24+eshell, helm
Damien Cassouemacs.dclassicborg + use-package25+borg, multi mail accounts, carddav+caldav, password store
Daniel Krausdmacsclassicborg + use-package25+borg, exwm, remote setup, email
Dennis Ogbesettings.orgclassicpackageorg blog, matlab, latex, email
Dmytro Lispyvnyiemacs.dclassicuse-package24.4+Russian and Ukrainian localizations, web-browsing, mu4e
Howard Abramsdot-filesclassicuse-packageinspirational, programming languages, file management
Ista Zahndotemacsclassic, non-standardpackage26newbie friendly, ide like, for scientists
Ivan Malisonemacs.dclassicuse-package25term-mode (projectile), org (export), language support
Jason Milkins.emacs.dclassicuse-package25+inspirational, lots of goodies
Jay DixitEmacs-Settingsclassicpackage
Jim Myhrberg.emacs.dclassicpackage26.1programming, fully featured, project navigation
Joe Di CastroEmacs Configurationclassicuse-packageorg, uses even images, hydras, mu4e
John Wiegleydot-emacsclassicuse-packageinspirational, fully featured, lots of utils, gnus, modules
Jonathan Hayaseemacs-configeviluse-package25.1+a lot of weird stuff you might not see in other configs
Joost Diepenmaatemacs-literal-configclassicpackageprogramming, org-babel
Jordon Biondo.emacs.dkey chords, classicuse-package25+
Jorgen SchäferConfigclassicpackagecirce
Julien Fantin.emacs.dclassicuse-packagetheme helpers, prose, programming languages, lisp
Junpeng Qiu.emacs.devil, classicpackageinspired
Justin Talbotthemacsclassicuse-package25+osx, programming languages
Karl Voit.emacs.dclassicuse-package25+org, OS-independent, hydra, PIM
Kaushal Modi.emacs.dclassicuse-package24.5+GNU/Linux, Windows, Termux (Android), custom theme.
Lars Andersen.emacs.devilpackage
Lars Tveitodot-emacsclassicpackage
Magnar Sveen.emacs.dclassicpackage
Matthew BauerREADME.orgclassicuse-package25+org, nix, haskell, tangle
Matthew Zengemacs.dclassicuse-package26+popular
Matus Goljer.emacs.devil, classicpackage, use-package
Musa Al-hassyemacs.dclassicuse-package25+Extensively documented
Nathan Typanskiemacs.deviluse-package
Nicolas Pettonemacs.dclassicborg
Oleh Kreheloremacseviluse-package24.4
Ono Hiroko.emacs.dclassicpackage26.1
Phil Hagelberg.emacs.dclassicpackage
PythonNutemacs-configevilstraight use-package24.4+
Protesilaos Stavrou.emacs.dclassicpackage27
Radon RosboroughRadianclassicstraight use-package25+elegance, consistency, future-proof, deferred installation
Ryan C. Thompsondotemacsclassicstraight use-package
Sacha Chua.emacs.dclassicuse-package
Samuel Toniniemacs.dclassicuse-package24+
Steve Purcellemacs.dclassicpackage24.1+web development
Syohei Yoshidaemacsclassicel-get25+
Taichi Kawabata.emacs.dclassicuse-package25+
Terencio Agozzino.emacs.dclassicuse-package25+popular
Thierry Volpiattoemacs-tv-configclassicuse-package24+
Tianxiang Xiong.emacs.dclassicpackage
tecosauremacs-configevilstraight, use-package27.1+LaTeX, inspirational, well documented, html version
Vasilij Schneidermanndotemacsevilquelpa
Wilfred Hughes.emacs.dclassicuse-package
Yuta Yamadaemacs.dclassicel-get24+


Who are these people?

Most of the people on this list are either heavy contributors to MELPA or people who get involved in the community beyond having only an .emacs.d dir. If you spend time checking out MELPA packages, /r/emacs or Emacs StackExchage you would probably know most of them.

How do you get yourself on this list?

First you should ask yourself why would you want to get on this list? (I’m kiddin’…) Most of the times a pull request would suffice. Keep in mind though that I won’t accept self submission if the config is not vetted by the other people or is not original enough. One can also contribute by adding suggestions to this thread.

Can you ask your friend to list you?

Why not? Though if it’s a real friend he would probably also state what makes your config special. 😉

How did this list come about in the first place?

This list was inspired by awesome-emacs and started as a simple list of a few popular configs but lately is getting a lot of attention. :P