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ArborAddonRewired is an addon to use Rewired on Arbor 3.


  • Download unitypackage from Latest release
  • Import ArborAddonRewired_x.y.z.unitypackage into your project

Main flow

  1. Preparation of Rewired
  • From the Create button of Hierarchy, select "Create Other / Rewired / Input Manager" to create a RewiredInputManager.
  • Click the "Launch Rewired Editor" button of the Inspector of RewiredInputManager to open the RewiredEditor window.
  • Set up Players, Actions, various Maps.
  1. Use with ArborFSM
  • From the Create button of Hierarchy, select "Arbor / ArborFSM" to create a ArborFSM.
  • Click the "Open Editor" button of the Inspector of ArborFSM to open the ArborEditor window.
  • Right click on the graph view and select "Create State".
  • Click the gear icon in the header section of the state and select "Add Behaviour".
  • Select "Rewired / Transition / RewiredButtonDownTransition".
  • Set the following fields
    • Player Name : Player name registered in RewiredInputManager
    • Action Name : Action name registered in RewiredInputManager
    • Axis Contribution : Type of axial direction to be determined. In the case of Any, transitions if there is input irrespective of sign.
  • Drag and drop the "On Button Down" field to another place and select "Create State".
  1. Play check
  • Click the play button.
  • Press the button with the set Player name and Action name.
  • Check the transition in ArborFSM.


Example scene is in the following folder in the project.

Support version

Tools Version
Unity 2017.4.7f1
Arbor 3.2.0

Asset Store

Arbor 3!/content/112239?aid=1101lGsc



zlib license


  • Arbor 3 : Copyright (c) 2014-2018 Cait Sith Ware. All rights reserved.
  • Rewired : Copyright (c) 2018 Augie R. Maddox, Guavaman Enterprises. All rights reserved.