Grabs lyrics for a song, and plays them out.
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I was following the #songsincode meme on twitter, and finding it hilarious. Then John recorded himself singing his songincode which gave me an idea.

ActiveSong searches for lyrics to a song you specify, and can then "play" them using OS X's say command.

Julius:active_song(master) caius$ irb
>> require "active_song"
=> true
>> song = ActiveSong.find(:artist => "Moby", :track => "Another Woman")
=> "You leave your home for days and days\nAnd I know, said I know\nYou leave your home\n "
{{ Sound comes out the speakers here }}

The lyrics are from LyricsFly and you might need a new api key from here if the current one has expired.


Do what you want with it and don't sue me.