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Git Celebration Sounds

Following on from a blog post on happy git commits, I pulled together a bunch of .wav files from voice commands in the game TF2 to use as well. post-commit (and post-update) scripts just play one of the files at random.


git clone git:// ~/.git

Then in each git repo you want the sounds to play, I symlink in the post-commit/update scripts.

cd $repo
ln -s ~/.git/hooks/post-{commit,update} .git/hooks

I've wrapped that into a git alias to run it easily for each new git repo.

git config --global alias.happify '!sh -c "ln -s ~/.git/hooks/post-{commit,update} .git/hooks"'

Then it's just a simple git happify in a repo to link the hooks in.

(Also see the original blog post for ideas on doing it automatically in a new git repo.)

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