Shows you all tickets assigned to you across all projects
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Why this project is dead before it was finished

CodebaseHQ support pointed out that the functionality I was trying to build already exists in their UI - https://<your domain> It's just hidden enough I never found a link to it.

CodebaseHQ Overview

"Simple" HTML file with some javascript contained therein that lets you see all tickets (assigned to you) across all projects in your codebasehq account.

To use it you need your: subdomain, username and api token. You can find your api token on your "My Settings" page.

API Request Limit

Due to the way it has to iterate over all your projects, then all statuses/tickets/priorities/categories within those projects it ends up using 25 API Requests to load the page once. By default you only get 80 api requests with codebase. This means you can load this script 3 times in an hour before you start getting api rate limit errors returned.


  • Finish filtering tickets to those assigned to you and not considered closed
  • Display data on the page once we've grabbed it