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Send prowl notifications from the command line

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Little cli tool to let you push notifications to your phone. Modelled after growlnotify for growl.


[sudo] gem install prowlnotify


Usage: prowlnotify [options] MESSAGE

Message can be either a string or "-" to read from stdin

    -k, --api-key [KEY]              Prowl API Key [optional]
                                     If this isn't specified then -f arg or ~/.prowl is read
    -p, --priority [VALUE]           Priority of notification. [optional]
                                     Defaults to "Normal"
                                     Value between -2 and 2, or a string:
                                         -2. Very Low
                                         -1. Moderate
                                          0. Normal
                                          1. High
                                          2. Emergency

    -a, --application [NAME]         Name of application sending notification. [optional]
                                     Defaults to "prowlnotify"
    -s, --subject [STRING]           Subject line. [optional]
    -r, --provider-key [KEY]         Provider API key. [optional]
    -f, --file [FILE]                File to read API key from. Defaults to ~/.prowl. Ignored if -a is passed.
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