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Space Shooter for our final project in CSCI 490.
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Star Shooter

Space Shooter for our final project in CSCI 490.

YouTube Link for CSCI 490 Project:

Download the game from by following this link: Download Instructions

Download the three files from the link above.

You may come across a problem when you download UnityPlayer.dll.

But all you need to do is click "Keep" and the file will be safe to download.

After your downloads, the files should be under your Downloads folder like so:

Make a simple directory to keep all of these files inside the same folder.

For example, I created StarShooter folder within the Downloads directory:

Then, drag all of the downloaded files into the StarShooter directory and the folder will now have the files in there:

Next, extract to the directory of your recently created folder.

In this example, Star Shooter is the designated folder to extract, not StarShooter_Data within the StarShooter directory:

Now your folder should look something like this!

You do not need the file anymore, so you may delete that file.

If you do, it could look like this now:

After that, your game should boot up StarShooter.exe and you would get a pop-up screen the first time:

To fix this issue, just click More Info and then Run Anyway that's displayed below:

You should have this page now! Now you're good to go.

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