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Script reset VMs CBT and tag them as being reset if ESXi600-201511001 has been loaded on its host.
CBT Bug VMWare KB 2137546 is no bueno. I wanted a way to patch VMs possibly affected
and keep track of ones that were patched - so as I progress through and patch for
this bug, I don't have to keep running the patch process on VMs multiple time
Author : Justin Bennett
Date : 2015-12-23
Contact :
Revision : v1.0
Changes : v1.0 Original
#Connect-VIServer myvCenterServer.local
#Show Progress
$showProgress = $true
#Gather VM Hosts
$ESXHosts = Get-VMHost
#Gather VM Hosts that have corrected for CBT Bug build
$patchedESXHosts = $ESXHosts | ? { $_.Build -ge 3247720 }
#Gather VMs from ESX hosts with corrected for CBT Bug build
$VMs = $patchedESXHosts | Get-VM
#Create tags if necessary
$nul = New-TagCategory PowerCLI -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
$nul = New-Tag -Name ResetCBT -Category PowerCLI -Description "" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
#Get the ResetCBT Tag
$Tag = Get-Tag ResetCBT
#VMs already patched
$existingResetCBTVMs = (Get-TagAssignment -Category "PowerCLI" | ? { $_.Tag.Name -eq $Tag.Name -and $_.Entity.Uid -like "*VirtualMachine=*"} | select Entity).Entity
#Gather VMs not already CBT Reset and ChangeTrackingEnabled is Enabled (No need to reset if CBT already disabled)
$resetCBTVMs = $VMs | ? { $_.Id -notin $existingResetCBTVMs.Id -and ($_.ExtensionData.Config).ChangeTrackingEnabled }
$resetCBTVMsCount = 0
if ($resetCBTVMs.Count -gt 0) { $resetCBTVMs | % {$i=0} {
if ($_.PowerState -eq "PoweredOn" -and ($_ | Get-View).snapshot -eq $null) {
try {
#Disable CBT Spec
if($showProgress) { Write-Progress -Activity "Reset-VM CBT" -Status "$($i)/$($resetCBTVMs.Count): VM:$($_.Name) - Disabling CBT" -PercentComplete (($i/$resetCBTVMs.Count)*100) }
$VMConf = New-Object VMware.Vim.VirtualMachineConfigSpec
$VMConf.ChangeTrackingEnabled = $false
#Creating snapshot
if($showProgress) { Write-Progress -Activity "Reset-VM CBT" -Status "$($i)/$($resetCBTVMs.Count): VM:$($_.Name) - Creating Snapshot to Clear CBT" -PercentComplete (($i/$resetCBTVMs.Count)*100) }
$snap=$_ | New-Snapshot -Name 'Clear CBT'
#Removing snapshot
if($showProgress) { Write-Progress -Activity "Reset-VM CBT" -Status "$($i)/$($resetCBTVMs.Count): VM:$($_.Name) - Removing Snapshot" -PercentComplete (($i/$resetCBTVMs.Count)*100) }
$snap | Remove-Snapshot -confirm:$false
#Enable CBT
if($showProgress) { Write-Progress -Activity "Reset-VM CBT" -Status "$($i)/$($resetCBTVMs.Count): VM:$($_.Name) - Enabling CBT" -PercentComplete (($i/$resetCBTVMs.Count)*100) }
$VMConf.ChangeTrackingEnabled = $true
#Tagging Reset CBT VM
$nul = $_ | New-TagAssignment $Tag
} catch { write-warning "Failed to reset CBT on VM: $($_.Name)" }
} else {
if($_.PowerState -ne "PoweredOn") { write-warning "VM: $($_.Name) Not completed - Needs to be in PoweredOn state" }
if(($_ | Get-View).snapshot -ne $null) { write-warning "VM: $($_.Name) Not completed - Needs to have no existing snapshots" }
} else { write-warning "No VMs to Reset CBT on" }
New-Object -TypeName PSCustomObject -Property ([ordered]@{
ESXHosts = $ESXHosts.Count
patchedESXHosts = $patchedESXHosts.Count
VMCount = $VMs.Count
existingResetCBTVMs = $existingResetCBTVMs.Count
resetCBTVMs = $resetCBTVMs.Count
CompletedCBTVMs = $resetCBTVMsCount
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