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A PHP framework for people who do not want to waste time.
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Biscuit Link (Currently in Development)

A PHP framework for people who do not want to waste time. Just git clone and vagrant up and you are running!

Due to the immaturity of this project it is not yet suitable for production environments, but feel free to hack away a new project and I will add it to the lists of projects!

Feel free to contribute too!

Composer Dependencies

Many thanks to these open source projects in the composer.json file!

    "require": {
        "smarty/smarty": "~3.1",
        "guzzlehttp/guzzle": "~6.0",
        "altorouter/altorouter": "1.1.0",
        "cajogos/php-temp-cache": "1.1",
        "erusev/parsedown": "1.6.2"

Projects helping build Biscuit Link:

  • - My own personal website.
  • CoderDojo London - CoderDojo London's official website.
  • More already in development but not currently publicly available.
  • More also coming soon...

What can you build with Biscuit Link?

Many projects are helping improve Biscuit Link, so far here are a few ideas:

  • Personal Website such as a portfolio
  • Business Website
  • Social Network
  • Blog
  • Web services APIs
  • Browser Games

I encourage you to try Biscuit Link to its full potential and help improve it!

You are awesome!

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