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A JavaScript framework for creation of always-running web apps.
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Seesaw.js - Always running web applications

A new version of Seesaw.js is being developed. You can gain access to the old version in the _OLD folder.

How to get Seesaw.js

npm install seesawjs


These are the main features of Seesaw.js. This list will be improved as new features are implemented.

Main Components

  • Root Component: This is Seesaw's root component a Root Component is needed to start Seesaw JS, this is SEESAW.RootComponent.
  • Basic Component: All other components extend from the basic component SEESAW.Component.

Dependencies and Requirements

  • jQuery 3: The framework requires the most famous library jQuery. This has been used to make it easier for the framework to be compatible accross browsers. Seesaw.js requires the most up-to-date version of jQuery.
  • Stats.js: This tool by mrdoob is used whenever SEESAW.DEVELOPMENT is set to true. This will allow you to track performance of your web app.
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