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Cake for Visual Studio

Adds support for the Cake build tool in Visual Studio 2017, 2019, and 2022. Includes support for the Task Runner Explorer, new item and project templates and bootstrapping important Cake files

Originally based off Mads Kristensen's Brunch Task Runner extension.

Install Cake

In order to use this extension, you must have Cake installed on your machine or in your solution.

Use chocolatey to install it globally by typing the following in an elevated command prompt:

choco install -y cake.portable

Alternatively, if you have run the bootstrapper at least once, Visual Studio should automatically discover it (see below).

Build scripts

The Cake Task Runner automatically triggers when it finds a build.cake file.

Task Runner Explorer

Open Task Runner Explorer by right-clicking the Cake script and select Task Runner Explorer from the context menu:

Open Task Runner Explorer

Individual tasks will be listed in the task list on the left.

Task List

Each task can be executed by double-clicking the task.

Console output


Task bindings make it possible to associate individual tasks with Visual Studio events such as Project Open etc.


These bindings are stored in your cake.config file.

Cake installation

The runner will automatically use a project-local copy of Cake if it is already present in the current directory or one of the default paths. However, at this time, it will not automatically download Cake for you.

Template Installers

Choose Cake Build from the Build menu to quickly install the default bootstrapper scripts or Cake configuration files into your solution.

Template installers


The extension includes an item template for build scripts and project templates for Cake modules, addins, and unit tests.

Project Template


Check out the Cake contribution guidelines if you want to contribute to this project.


MIT Licence