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@gep13 gep13 released this 25 May 19:46
· 2862 commits to main since this release

As part of this release we had 23 issues closed.


  • #893 Fix globalization & white space issue
  • #883 New Setup(Action) fails on mono (@devlead)
  • #875 Cake.pdb is missing in artifacts
  • #867 Tool path is wrong when calling cake file in sub directory (@patriksvensson)


  • #907 Add support for .NET Core CLI
  • #869 Add pre-processor directive which injects Debugger.Break() (@bjorkstromm)
  • #821 Add an EnsureDirectoryExists Alias to CreateDirectory and not fail if it exists
  • #114 Debugging support


  • #912 Added additional missing variables for GitVersion
  • #910 Add missing GitVersion return values
  • #909 Add missing GitVersion return values
  • #895 Consider adding developmentDependency to nuspec for Cake.Common (@daveaglick)
  • #889 Specify culture for Roslyn debug string formats
  • #881 Add cake-build build.cake NuGet restore retry handling (@devlead)
  • #860 During the publishing cycle, continue with each step, and error at end if there is a problem
  • #859 Add all artifacts to AppVeyor during publishing cycle
  • #752 Add register and ReturnTargetCodeOffset option in opencover (@phenixdotnet)
  • #736 Unified tool resolution
  • #627 Drop DNU/DNX support in favor of dotnet CLI (@gep13)


  • #870 Corrected resource download urls
  • #866 Docs: Typos in XBuild docs
  • #852 -Mono parameter is not documented in Program.cs output
  • #601 How to get ILRepack executable? (@gep13)

Fixes issues reported by: @abenedykt, @AnderssonPeter, @bjorkstromm, @ChrisMaddock, @daveaglick, @devlead, @gep13, @patriksvensson, @phenixdotnet, @Redth, @reicheltp