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@devlead devlead released this 13 Dec 21:04
· 1582 commits to main since this release

As part of this release we had 38 issues closed.



  • #2342 Provide value for self-contained to support succeeding parameters (@twenzel)
  • #2310 Cake.Testing.Xunit RuntimeFact and RuntimeTheory doesn't work for .NET Core App (@devlead)
  • #2252 Cake fails to start on posix systems if script / current directory is root ( / )


  • #2391 Upgrade to NuGet 4.9.2 (@devlead)
  • #2387 Extend GetTooolExecutableNames for GitVersion (@gep13)
  • #2384 Add homebrew fallback path for MSBuild tool resolver (@austinlparker)
  • #2369 Update Roslyn to 2.10.0 (@devlead)
  • #2350 In-process NuGet client should reuse package sources as specified in NuGet.Config if available (@bjorkstromm)
  • #2341 Add support for JUnit Output Format (@bqstony)
  • #2332 TFBuild UploadArtifact commands should support directories (@gtbuchanan)
  • #2312 Add method to expand environment variables to FilePath/DirectoryPath (@patriksvensson)
  • #2308 Use Mono for full framework executables if running on Unix & .NET Core (@devlead)
  • #2306 Add VSTestReportPath to DotNetCoreTestSettings (@devlead)
  • #2300 Make DotNetCoreTool alias project path optional add overloads without (@devlead)
  • #2297 NUnit3Settings does not provide an option to specify the configuration file to load
  • #2284 --version should only return sem/nuget version (@devlead)
  • #2272 Update in-process NuGet client to support offline environments (@bjorkstromm)
  • #2268 Add .NET Core tool support for Octopus aliases (@gertjvr)
  • #2265 Update Roslyn to 2.9.0 (@devlead)
  • #2257 NuGetPack should have a version suffix setting (@ddunkin)
  • #2255 Show warning when referenced package is missing version number
  • #2246 Add NuGet projectUrl to nuspec/csproj packages (@devlead)
  • #2245 Add symbols for Cake.Tool package (@devlead)
  • #2061 NuGetPack overwrites developmentDependency and requireLicenseAcceptance from nuspec
  • #1875 Folder structure of tools and addins can cause too long paths on Windows (@Sam13)


Pull requests were reviewed by: @bjorkstromm, @devlead, @gep13, @patriksvensson

Fixes issues reported by: @bjorkstromm, @bqstony, @colin-sim, @ddunkin, @devlead, @flcdrg, @gep13, @gtbuchanan, @jnm2, @josiahpeters, @pascalberger, @patriksvensson, @Sam13, @twenzel, @ubbeK, @williamb1024