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Title: GitHub Actions
Description: Integration with GitHub Actions
<h1 id="included-support">Out of the box support</h1>
The <a href="/api/Cake.Common.Build/BuildSystemAliases/6C2FCAF0">GitHubActions alias</a>, which returns an
<a href="/api/Cake.Common.Build.GitHubActions/IGitHubActionsProvider">IGitHubActionsProvider</a> instance can be used to interact with the GitHub Actions environment.
The following example prints if the build is for a pull request running on GitHub Actions:
<pre><code class="language-csharp hljs">if (BuildSystem.GitHubActions.IsRunningOnGitHubActions)
Information("Not running on GitHub Actions");
<div class="alert alert-info">
See <a href="/api/Cake.Common.Build.GitHubActions/IGitHubActionsProvider">IGitHubActionsProvider</a> for details and available methods to interact with GitHub Actions.
<h1 id="included-support">Available 3rd party extensions</h1>
var keywords = new List<string> { "githubactions", "github" };
var extensions =
.Where(x =>
keywords.Any(y => x.String("Name").ToLowerInvariant().Contains(y)));
@Html.Partial("_ExtensionsList", extensions)