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This Cake Addin allows to use BitDiffer command line in your Cake build scripts.


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To use the addin, add the following lines in your build script:

#tool "nuget:?package=BitDiffer"

#addin "nuget:?package=Cake.BitDiffer"

You can set the BitDiffer settings for execution and analyse the comparison result.

var settings = new BitDifferSettings {
    PreviousAssemblyFile = "./Version1/MyAsembly.dll",
    CurrentAssemblyFile = "./Version2/MyAssembly.dll",
    ReportOnlyChanged = true,
    CompareOnlyPublic = true,
    CompareImplementation = false,
    CompareAssemblyAttributeChanges = true,
    ResultOutputFile = "./CompareResults.xml", // Or HTML
    IsolationLevel = IsolationLevel.High,
    PreferGacVersion = true,
    ReflectionOnlyLoading = false
var compareResult = BitDiffer(settings);
Information(compareResult.GetChangeMessage()); // Short message of detected change or error
Information(compareResult.RawResult); // Full analysis result
Information(string.Join(Environment.NewLine + ">>> ", comparisonResult.ExecutionResult)); // Content of standard output

// Or with inline configuration
var result = BitDiffer(options => {
    options.PreviousAssemblyFile = "./Version1/MyAsembly.dll";
    options.CurrentAssemblyFile = "./Version2/MyAssembly.dll"