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nuget release

This Addin for the Cake Build Automation System allows you to generate a documentation website with docfx. More about Cake at

Use the addin

To use docfx in your cake file simply import it and the docfx tool. Then define a doc task.

#addin "Cake.DocFx"
#tool "docfx.console"

Task("doc").Does(() => DocFx());

Do not forget to load '#tool "docfx.console"' at top of your cake file. Otherwise, you can not run the DocFx() command.

If the docfx.json file is anywhere else then the root directory you can pass in the location as parameter.

#addin "Cake.DocFx"
#tool "docfx.console"

Task("doc").Does(() => DocFx("./docs/docfx.json"));


The DocFx command requires an existing docfx.json file. To bootstrap docfx use docfx init or ./tools/docfx.console/tools/docfx.exe init.


To build this package we are using Cake.

On Windows PowerShell run:


On OSX/Linux run:


Run -t pack alias to create a nuget package.