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Json based endpoint orchestration addin for cake build.
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In order to use this Cake addin you need to add it to your build.cake file in the following way

#addin Cake.Endpoint

After that the following Cake aliases are available to you.


Copies files and directories defined within endpoint definition.

Task( "Create" )
  .Does( () =>
  EndpointCreate( new Endpoint()[] );
} );

Providing an endpoint

An endpoint should be provided within the solution through an endpoints.json file. The file can be deserialized using the Cake.Json addin in following way:

var endpoint = DeserializeJsonFromFile<Endpoint>( "./endpoint.json" );

Example endpoint file


Just execute the following commands after you have commited your work.

$> git tag <semver>
$> .\build.ps1 -target pack
$> git push origin master --tags

Then publish the resulting .\Cake.Endpoint.<semver>.nupkg on

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