A set of aliases for Cake to help with running Gulp scripts as part of a build
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    #addin "Cake.Gulp"

        .Does(() => 
            // Executes gulp from a global installation (npm install -g gulp)

            // Executes gulp from a local installation (npm install gulp)


Cake.Gulp currently supports the following npm commands:

  • Executing gulp from a local installation with arguments
  • Executing gulp from a global installation with arguments

My primary goal for the project is to support the build workflow I need as a .NET developer.

Cake.Gulp will most likely be paired with Cake.Npm to support the installation of gulp itself along with any dependencies your gulp file requires.


Cake.Gulp is covered by a set of unit tests contributed by @nengberg

I cant do <insert-function-here

See above, the initial release supports only the most basic functionality I need, if you have feature requests please submit them as issues