This Addin for the Cake allows you to upload your package to HockeyApp.
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Cake.HockeyApp - An Addin for Cake


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Cake.HockeyApp allows you to upload an app package to HockeyApp with just two lines of code. In order to use the exposed commands you have to add the following line at top of your build.cake file:

#addin Cake.HockeyApp

Then you can upload your package to HockeyApp:


That's all!

Don't forget to set your api token from HockeyApp as environment variable: HOCKEYAPP_API_TOKEN on your local machine or CI system.

More Examples

Upload an apk / ipa to HockeyApp

    .Does(() => UploadToHockeyApp("./output/myApp.apk"));

Upload an apk / ipa to HockeyApp with result.

    .Does(() =>
    var result = UploadToHockeyApp("./output/myApp.apk"));
    // Use result.PublicUrl to inform others where they can download the newly uploaded package.

Upload a Windows package.

Unfortunately, HockeyApp currently does only support metadata discovering for Android, iOS and macOS packages. Therefore you have to specify a version AND app id your self. This means that you have to create the app once before uploading. Create new App. Creating a new version is automatically done by this addin.

    .Does(() =>
    UploadToHockeyApp( "./output/myWindowsApp.appx", new HockeyAppUploadSettings
        AppId = appIdFromHockeyApp,
        Version = "1.0.160901.1",
        ShortVersion = "1.0-beta2",
        Notes = "Uploaded via continuous integration."

The available parameters for the upload settings are descripted here:

REMEMBER For all request you make you either have to set your API token from HockeyApp as environment variable: HOCKEYAPP_API_TOKEN or pass it into the call via


To build this package we are using Cake.

On Windows PowerShell run:


On OSX/Linux run: