MsDeploy Extensions addon for Cake
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Cake.MsDeploy is an Addin that extends Cake for executing commands with the MsDeploy.exe (Web Deploy) command line interface (cli). In order to use this extension, MsDeploy v3.6 will already have to be installed on the computer the cake build script is being executed on.

Release notes can be found here.

Build Status

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You can reference Cake.MsDeploy in your build script as a cake addin:

#addin "Cake.MsDeploy"

or nuget reference:

#addin "nuget:"


#addin "Cake.MsDeploy"

var target = Argument("target", "Default");

  .Does(() =>
    MsDeploy(new MsDeploySettings
        Verb = Operation.Sync,
        RetryAttempts = 5,
        RetryInterval = 5000,
        Source = new PackageProvider
            Direction = Direction.source,
            Path = "./src/"
        Destination = new AutoProvider
            Direction = Direction.dest,
            IncludeAcls = false,
            AuthenticationType = AuthenticationScheme.NTLM,
            ComputerName = "",
            TempAgent = true
        AllowUntrusted = true,
        PreSyncCommand = "%windir%\\System32\\inetsrv\\appcmd.exe stop APPPOOL NameOfAppPool",
        PostSyncCommand = "%windir%\\System32\\inetsrv\\appcmd.exe start APPPOOL NameOfAppPool",
        WhatIf = true,
        SetParams = new List<SetParameter>
            new SetParameter
                Name = "IIS Web Application Name",
                Value = ""



Please visit the Cake Documentation site for a list of available aliases:


Cake.MsDeploy is covered by set of xUnit tests.

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Copyright (c) 2016 Cake Contributions Organization

Cake.MsDeploy is provided as-is under the MIT license. For more information see LICENSE.